A little bit more about me…

Having lived in 8 cities around the world, and worked with companies at different stages of their growth, I’ve come to realize the key to success on any scale is communication. This learning has fueled my personal growth - leading me to increase my fluency in 3 languages - and my career experiences, obtaining an O-1 Extraordinary Visa as a Content Producer, and working with companies like Waze, Evernote, Shutterstock, Facebook, Tinder and Socialbakers.

Although my roots are in Brazil, my marketing career began in Silicon Valley after being the only woman to be part of summer program there. I returned to Brazil, armed with the knowledge of what goes into building, scaling and connecting a product with its community, and became part of the core launch team for a content publishing and managing tool.

From there, I have gone on to work with small teams to launch products and turn them into award-winning apps, while helping international companies communicate and push their products on a global scale.

I believe in understanding and implementing data-driven solutions, and that a good content strategy goes beyond. Beyond the data, and beyond only having the knowledge and background to use social media networks and copywriting. Real success is rooted in a deep knowledge of business, user experience, user behavior, and empathy, and communicating that knowledge effectively. 

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